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The Community Water Systems Alliance is an initiative in California to provide a voice in Sacramento for water systems serving disadvantaged communities that are reliably and affordably providing water to low income and income limited residents such as seniors.  


Participating agencies and water suppliers in CWSA are an unusual alliance of water systems serving disadvantaged and senior communities stretching from California’s Central Valley, the greater Los Angeles Basin, Orange County, Coachella Valley and the high desert’s Morongo Basin.  


Our communities want “a seat at the table” as legislation and regulations are considered affecting disadvantaged communities so we can advocate for:

  • Equitable grant programs that don’t discriminate against suppliers serving disadvantaged communities with more than 10,000 customers

  • A revenue source to help disadvantaged communities that is not based upon regressive taxes that shift funds from some disadvantaged and income limited communities to others

  • Strategies for dealing with chronically failing water systems that don’t burden or typecast water systems serving disadvantaged and income limited communities that are functioning well, or compromise water rights


We want to preserve the ability of local water suppliers to provide safe and affordable water through efficiency, good management practices and fairness.  

We care about legislation and regulations that affect disadvantaged and income limited communities where our community voices need to be heard.

CWSA "Larger Systems Helping Smaller Systems" Tour 2022

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1370 N Brea Blvd, Ste 235
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